I Can Swear That Portable Never Smoked Or Drank Alcohol While Growing Up – Portable’s Sister, Aminat Reveals

The lady, a small trader in Oke-Osa, Iyana Ilogbo, Ogun state, talked to The Nation in an interview.

Portable found his singing abilities early in life, according to Aminat, before his mother died and she was forced to take on motherhood responsibilities.

She said; “He started showing his talent for singing from childhood before our mother passed. Right after our mother’s death, he intensified the habit, to the extent that if I sent him on any errand, he would sing throughout the trip.

If I gave him a chore, he would sing throughout the chore. I thought it was a joke, like a passing phase. If he was sitting down, he was singing. At a point, I started wondering ‘what kind of thing is this?’

Eventually, I enrolled him with a tailor to learn tailoring. The plan was for him to learn that trade and have a means of livelihood. Funny enough, he learnt sewing, knew the job well and was able to sew well. But he did not ditch his passion, as he kept singing.”

Per the small company owner, her brother was always calm as a child and never smoked weed, so she is perplexed as to how the strange lifestyle and smoking habit developed.

In her words; “In truth, he has always been a tough boy. However, he never stole. Throughout his growing up, nobody ever reported to me that ‘hey, your brother stole this or that. But of course, he has always been full of songs, pranks and all sorts of jokes and funny slangs. Sometimes, he would gather kids and start playing pranks and all sorts of slangs with them. Sometimes he even picks on me too.

“Funny enough, I cannot tell when he develop this love for marijuana. The Habeeb, the Portable that I know and brought up never smoked hemp. In fact, he didn’t smoke cigarette or drink alcohol. So I am surprised at the development. Even now, I could almost swear that he does not smoke or drink. I guess it comes with the profession and stardom.”

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