Gundam Factory Yokohama Offering Day Dedicated to Sustainability

Gundam Factory Yokohama Offering Day Dedicated to Sustainability

by Danica Davidson
October 19, 2021

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The 59-foot tall Gundam statue in Yokohama is offering something special on November 3. This is the Culture Day holiday in Japan, and Gundam Factory Yokohama is using the opportunity to teach people more about sustainability.

The Gundam franchise is owned by Bandai Namco Group, and they’ve unveiled plans to help with sustainability, using Gundam. The 59-foot Gundam moves using renewable energy from a wind turbine. To show how it’s done, Bandai is waiving the normal fee they charge for you to check out the Gundam, but only on November 3. (Normally people 13 and up have to pay 1,650 yen, which is about $15, and kids cost 1,100 yen, or about $9.60. And even on November 3, you’ll have to pay 3,300 yen to be raised to the scaffolding to get a bird’s eye look at the Gundam.)

If you’re lucky enough to attend this, you’ll get to learn more about clean power and be given a 1:144-scale RX-78-2 “Ecopura” model. Needless to say, the model is created from recycled materials.

Seeing as how a lot of people will be interested in this opportunity, Bandai is taking reservations, and you can begin making those on October 20 by going to this site.

All of this is part of the “Gundam Universal Century Development Action.” Bandai is keen on getting plastic runners from its Gundam toys recycled, but it goes far beyond that. They want 35% reduction of carbon emissions within the decade and to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Bandai is asking people who have those plastic runners to bring them to this event for recycling.

This isn’t the only time otaku culture has been tapped to help take better care of the planet. Attack on Titan recently also got involved in the recycling world.

Source: SoraNews24


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