Two gunned down in Port of Spain Sunday


Patrick Ryan -
Patrick Ryan –

TWO men were killed on Sunday in two separate incidents in Port of Spain.

The first, police said, was hit by a stray bullet, while relatives of the other suspect he may have been killed because of ongoing turf war.

In the more recent of the two killings, Patrick Ryan, 39 of Hubert Lane, Gonzales was found dead at his home at about 9.28 pm after residents reported hearing gunshots. Ryan also lived at Basilon Street, East Dry River.

Hours earlier,Glen Bousignac, was shot in the head and died while being treated at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

Police said at about 5.57pm, two gunmen opened fire on a 27-year-old man of North West Drive, Diego Martin while he was walking towards his booth at the Drag Brother’s Mall, Piccadilly Street, East Dry River.

The gunmen hit their target in the abdomen before he ran to the Besson Street Police Station across the road and was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital.

During the attack on that man, Bousignac, who stopped to make a purchase at a nearby parlour, was shot.

Officers of the Besson Street Police Station and Port of Spain Task Force searched the area after the shooting but the suspects escaped by running through the East Dry River.

Speaking with the media at the Forensic Science Centre on Monday, Everald Clarke, Ryan’s brother, said he believed the security guard, was killed because he lived in both Gonzales and East Dry River.

“The assumption right now is that because he also from East Dry River, he was a target. Everybody hurt right now because they know he not in nothing.”

Clarke said his younger brother grew up in both areas and began spending more time in Gonzales after his father died last year and he inherited the house.

He added that Ryan’s cellphone was the only thing missing from his home.

Clarke said his brother’s only child recently passed for St Mary’s College and that made Ryan extremely proud. Clarke said Ryan also took care of his bedridden mother and was killed hours after leaving her East Dry River home.

“Last night (Sunday) was the last time he went by her. After he gave her a bath he went home because he wanted to cook something to eat. That was she eye-ball.”

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