How to drop items to teammates in Back 4 Blood

Teamwork is at the core of Back 4 Blood’s gameplay. Everything you do is working towards helping yourself and the other cleaners you play with. With the Game Director, sometimes finding the proper items and resources can be difficult for some players. To make sure everyone has a fighting chance to pull their weight, you may want to drop something for a teammate to pick up. Here is how to do so.

You can drop any item in your inventory for other players to pick up. Unfortunately, as of this writing, we have found no way to drop attachments on weapons without dropping the whole gun. You can, however, put on another attachment you find in the world and that will drop the attachment by itself.

To drop an item on PC, press TAB. This pulls up your current inventory. On this page, you will see your weapons, offensive and supportive equipment, your copper stash, your ammo types, and how much you have of each. To drop a particular item, highlight it and left-click. For copper and ammo, left-clicking will drop 50 of that item, and right-clicking will drop all you have of it. Your character will immediately dump whatever you chose onto the ground in front of them, and your teammates can pick them up without needing to spend any copper or anything else.

To drop an item on console, press the touchpad on PlayStation or the view button (two boxes on top of each other, formerly called Back) on Xbox. While looking at the inventory, hover over what you want to drop. To drop it, press R2 or RT. If you are dropping ammo, pressing X or A will drop 50 instead of all your ammo.

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