GUNS UP! Mobile pre-registrations begin for iOS and Android devices

Guns Up!, the hit PlayStation game that launched in 2015, is officially making its way to Android and iOS devices this fall.

Launched back in 2015, Guns Up! was an action strategy game that was developed by Valkyrie Entertainment that had players create impenetrable bases and an army attacked these bases. Now, six years after its initial launch, NHN is releasing the game on mobile devices.

The mobile version of the game will be an online PvP game which will be a mixture of RTS and Tower Defense. It will build upon the original game and will imbibe a much more massive array of customization options.

The crux of the game will remain the same, seeing players build impenetrable bases, commanding troops to rally points and training survivors to increase their capabilities to the level of Elite Veterans. You can create custom loadouts, growing your army with each battle you fight against other players.

If online PvP is not your cup of tea, Guns Up! will also feature diverse single player modes so gamers like myself can have some more enjoyment. Test your strategic and defensive capabilities against invaders and hordes of zombies or try to save your own troops who have been captured and placed in enemy prisons by the enemies.

Currently, the game is only available for pre-registration and has no official launch date, however, Fall 2021 is suspected to be the time of launch. The game, however, will soft launch earlier in India and the Philippines. In accordance with player feedback, the game will be tweaked and released on a global platform.

Expect to receive some rewards for pre-registering when Guns Up! officially launches. For more information, keep checking Guns Up!’s official website. We’ll also be providing updates as they come.

Pre-register now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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