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FIVE hundred rounds of ammunition was found in a knapsack in Arima on Thursday.

Police went to an abandoned concrete structure at Trainline Road, off Pinto Road where they found the bag with the hundreds of rounds of 9mm ammunition.

The discovery was made during a police operation between 12 noon and 5 p.m.

In another incident during that time, officers spotted a known firearm offender who ran on seeing the approaching police vehicles. An object fell from his hand as he escaped. Constable Brewster found an extended magazine with 22 rounds of 9mm ammunition after checks were made of the area the item fell from the man’s hand. A warrant is to be issued for his arrest.

Also in Arima, seven people were arrested for breaching the Public Health Regulations. They were gathered in a group in excess of five people along Hollis Avenue.

The exercise was coordinated by ACP Andy Belfon, Snr Supt Renzey Ramdeen, ASP Coggins, Insp Pitt and supervised by Sgt Leopold along with Cpls Boyce, Sookram and officers of the NDTF Area East, Arima Ops Team and Canine Unit personnel.

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