Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield 2042’s gameplay trailer fills in a lot of details and now we can see 128 player Conquest, new classes, tanks, jets, guns, and helicopters. Here is everything you might have missed.

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Battlefield 2042 takes place in the near future and makes some major changes to the series. This gameplay trailer finally lets us see the game in action including 128 player maps with sandstorms and tornadoes, the new Conquest mode with sectors and objectives, Specialists, and tanks, planes, helicopters, and guns.

In this video we’re going through frame by frame to point out specialist gadgets, like the Grappling Gun, and how they play, how airdropping in future tanks like the Abrams M5A3 works, how tornadoes actually hurl players and objects, how to use the new plus system that lets you swap gun attachments in real-time, and what new details you can see on each of the maps.

Battlefield 2042 will have a technical playtest in early July with more announcements at EA Play Live on July 22nd. The new Hazard Zone will be playable in alpha pre-launch, followed by an open beta at a later date. Battlefield 2042 releases on October 22nd, 2021 for PC, PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

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