The lengthy testimony of Dominic Cummings provides an interesting challenge

Seven hours of testimony – with the fallout set to last much, much longer – was the extent of Dominic Cummings’s appearance in front of MPs to talk about the government’s Covid-19 response.

He didn’t pull any punches – and neither have readers in response to what the prime minister’s former chief adviser said. Many have expressed outrage at the picture that Cummings painted of the workings of government, while others have questioned Cummings’s motives in only coming forward now.

The mammoth session of evidence provided an interesting challenge to the Voices section as well – there were so many elements across the day that it required a flexible approach. From the early-morning piece, to an update after an extraordinary start to testimony and then an afternoon sketch – before the wrap-up piece once Cummings had finished. We knew that the session would provoke a strong reader reaction, so making sure we provided analysis across the day was important.

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